I know people think of mueslis and granolas as ’good-for-you’ cardboard-tasting sawdust, but Hugo’s award winning breakfast  cereals are produced for taste AND just so happen to be good for you as well!

Well-crafted, slow-baked granolas, mueslis full of fruit, nuts, seeds and flavour, and low in sugar. Not mass produced but handmade, using Cornish and British products where possible, natural and healthy, no added salt, colouring or preservatives.

We believe these are the best in breakfast cereals, for the most important meal of the day. Our cereals are created, mixed and packed in our purpose built production kitchen in Cornwall.                                                                                      

To serve; soak the mueslis overnight or drench in milk, be it cows or soya, or apple juice for a lovely creamy breakfast in the morning. Sprinkle the granolas over yoghurt, or fresh fruit or a smoothie.

Store in an airtight container to retain the freshness.                       

Hugo's Breakfast cereals are ‘top of the range’, made with mostly Cornish grown cereals and Cornish honey and apple juice, but above all; they are simply delicious! 

Have I said that before?

 Hugo Woolley,
Owner of Hugo's Breakfast


Hugo's breakfast cereals are now packaged in biodegradable boxes.

Our cereals all have a 'Best Before' date, after this date, the taste will slowly deteriorate but is perfectly edible! This is the time to turn Hugo's cereals into something else. Go to 'Recipes' to use up out-of-date granola or muesli.